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Creatologist - noun; professional dedicated to the art and science of rekindling the creative spirit, imagination and intrinsic motivation of those individuals dedicated to the work of creating the future.


I think happy people get great results, innovate and change the world better than the other way around. So I try to figure out how to make daily happiness successful by making actions and decisions at work easier to do, consistently and efficiently.

• If you are stuck, if you do not find providers, if you need to set up a photo shoot or a fashion film, if you need help with artistic direction, if advertising is not your thing, if your website needs a copywriter, if you need a workshop or to organize an event, if you need training, if you want to rock your Social Networks, if you need to renew the image of your company/brand, if you need tech packs for your product, ... (thousand things!) I can help you to make everything work and look professional.

If your project...
• Is new and you want to rock it, we can meet and help you have a more realistic and global vision of the market.
• Is already running but it is not working as it should, we will see what is failing.
• Works and you need punctual and/or continuous help, I am also your solution.

• After spending my whole life dedicated to fashion and photography, and having had the privilege of working and learning in (almost) all the processes of the chain, I am currently building my own brand (which you can scramble at http: // www. and I enjoy helping to roll other people's projects.
• Projects are failing and they cost a lot to everyone involved. It is time to put discipline in a meaningful way in the chosen process, rather than process in the discipline. Having a person with experience and contacts will give you more time, money and energy to invest in work that only you can do.

• My website is eternally mutating, so I encourage you to email me to and I will be delighted to answer you.

Fashion profession is exciting, don't let any stone get in your way.

Ah! However, if it turns out that what you want is to invest in ¡Ánimo, valiente!, send an email to and I will be happy to open you the doors of the atelier.

On the other hand, if you want to do your university internship at ¡Ánimo, valiente!, kwel, we always love having students from all around the world, and we will try to make your stay unforgettable.